President’s Letter


Dear Members,

Our Full Day Conference was fun and insightful. We had some great speakers  touching on subjects as varied as in-depth brain anatomy and physiology, what in-home therapy is like, a survivor’s story with a military twist, and a tutorial on how to gain insight into your patients’ experience to get more buy-in from them during care.

We also had some wonderful silent auction baskets. Bidding got pretty intense at the end! We’d like to thank everyone who donated items for the baskets and helped prepare them for the day. We always appreciate more volunteers.

Finally, we did vote and were able to fill the roles of President Elect and Secretary-Treasurer.  I am so pleased to introduce you to the two newest members of our board! Both of them are already so excited to help move WARN forward into the future.

Michael Braden is our new President Elect. This means he will assist Vickie Stelzig in her role as President and learn the ropes with the guidance of Gladys Hansen, our outgoing president. When the time comes he will step into the role as President. Michael is the manager on the UW Health Rehab Unit. He’s been an RN for 5 years and had a stint on Froedert’s SCI unit prior to his move to Madison. While still a student Michael was the president of the Wisconsin Student Nurse’s Association, so this should be a breeze for him.  His goals for his role in WARN are to assist with increasing membership and introduce more tech to our programs.  Welcome, Michael!

Sarah Hopkins is an RN with her Masters and is currently a Clinical Nurse Leader at the VA, working with the SCI group. She has been involved in research at UW Milwaukee, Marquette, and the Medical College of Wisconsin. She was also a supervisor on the rehab at the Jewish Home. Sarah wasn’t sure if she could nominate herself for any of the WARN open seats as she was not a member when she walked into the Full Day Conference. But, look at her now!  She is now our new Secretary-Treasurer and we are so happy to have her.

Be sure to come to our next 1/2 Day so you can meet the new kids on the block! Keep an eye on the Facebook site and here under the Events tab to stay up to date.  See you next time!



Dear Members,

Every year you pay your dues and update your CRRN continuing education units because you care about being the best that you can be in your profession.  Hopefully you’ve been taking advantage of the half day educational opportunities that being a member of WARN affords you.  Perhaps you know someone who has either been presented with one of our annual awards or your name has been pulled while attending an education session yourself.  Each year we present a Community Award to a group or company that helps make living life with a disability easier.  We also provide networking opportunities for you to get to know your fellow Rehab nurses within your region and throughout the state.

Our annual vote to bring on new Board Members is drawing near and we would like to extend to all of you an invitation to consider trying for a seat!  We are looking for nominations specifically for:

  • President Elect
  • Secretary Treasurer
  • Education Program Co-chair

We can’t do this without the support of our members and it is a great feeling to know that you are helping to provide knowledge and support to professionals like yourself who care deeply about our specialty.  All Board Members have the opportunity to be sent to the National ARN Conference for free! We meet every few months, often at the educational ½ days or utilizing phone meetings.

We can’t have a Wisconsin chapter if these positions aren’t filled. Please strongly consider becoming a member and be sure to have any nominations in soon. Nomination forms can be found right here!  Please feel free to fill one out and send it in. Then keep an eye on your email for a Survey Monkey.  This will be our voting platform.  We strongly encourage you to vote as soon as you see our survey come out so we can continue providing you with the opportunities and tools to help you succeed!

Thank you for all you do!


Hello rehab nurses:
I’m so excited and motivated to share and put to use all the wonderful information I learned at the National ARN Conference in Seattle!  The topics were such a great variety including safety, neuroplasticity, bowel/bladder management and how to send out your posse to get the new GERM outlaws, to name a few.  I am so proud to be a rehab RN and how so many of us continue to enhance and improve quality care for our patients and families.  738 attended this year, 10 of whom are from WI.  It was great connecting with other WI rehab RNs to share and support each other.

Highlights from the ARN Member’s Meeting are:

  • total membership is down to 5004
  • 1574 RNs took CRRN exam in2016 and 611 in June 2017
  • present CRRNs are 13,418
  • early mobilization and alarm fatigue are the 2018 grant applications
  • next online CRRN exam is June 2018
  • submissions for Rehab Nursing Journal have increased journal website has videos including a disabled mountain climber.

In this time of business and stress, let’s not forget that we need to fill ourselves back up again after giving so much to our patients, families and work places.  Let’s come together to learn and to support each other.

The opening speaker at ARN Conference had two great ideas to prevent burn out.

  • Name one grateful thing before leaving work
  • Write a thank you note to someone you work with
  • Write your story. What is your greatest moment in nursing?  More on this in 2018.

Now about our WI Chapter.  Our membership is also down, 88 RNs.  So I encourage all of us to reach out to bring others to WARN.  We plan on doing a needs assessment in 2018 and are looking forward to hearing what you want from your organization.  We are considering a full day education conference in September 2018.  What are your thoughts and ideas?  Our next half education day is in January at Bellin, Green Bay.  Hope to see you all there.

Gladys Hansen
WARN President