We are the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, Wisconsin Chapter. Our purpose is to advance the quality of Rehabilitation Nursing services throughout our communities by offering educational opportunities which promote an awareness & interest in Rehabilitation Nursing and to improve the expertise of personnel on all levels. These educational sessions are filled with speakers directly involved in the field including doctors, fellow nurses, therapists, and clients who have required Rehab services. Check out our site to stay up to date on our upcoming events!

Join us!  Application for membership must be made through the National ARN office.

Cost  ARN: $120 cost WARN: $15

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Each Education Day that you attend gives you another opportunity to join ARN/WARN for free! At the end of each program we ask an audience member to pick a name from out of a bag containing the names of everyone who attended that day. The named individual is awarded their next year’s full membership just for showing up, learning, and having a bit of luck shine on them. Wouldn’t it be nice to save $135 but still get all the benefits that being an ARN/WARN member entails?