Awards and Nominations

There are multiple ways in which we try to give back to our members and help recognize our passion, our expertise, and our drive, as well as community services that go above and beyond for our client populations. Below are the awards we give out annually.  You will also find info on board nominations and the scholarship. For blank forms just click on the underlined titles.

The Rising Star Award;

The recipient of this award is a Rehab Nurse with less than 2 years of Rehab experience but who shows a knack and passion for the specialty. He or she is a great asset to your organization and really shines with the patients. If this sounds like someone you know, nominate them by printing off this form and telling us about your nurse. He or she may be awarded a year’s membership to ARN/WARN. This nurse does not have to be a current member… yet.

The Excellence in Nursing Award;

The recipient of this award is a Rehab Nurse with over 2 years experience.  This is the nurse that EVERYONE turns to for a guiding hand. He or she knows the innervation of each dermatome, can spot autonomic dysreflexia a day in advance, and can cath the most difficult anatomy with only the light from over the sink at 0430. If this person retires or moves on, your unit may very well curl up and close down. Do you know this person?  If so, show them your gratitude for all that accumulated knowledge by printing off this form and telling us how you got so lucky as to have this person in your work life. He or she may be awarded a year’s membership to ARN/WARN. This nurse does not have to be a current member- but it helps.

The Annual Community Award;

Every year we try to bestow a monetary donation to a worthy business or community group whose main purpose is to make the lives of our patients a little easier, less stressful, or just a bit more fun. If you know of an entity that you feel really goes the extra mile for your patient population, print off this form and tell us about them.  We may decide to grant them our annual Community Award and they’ll get a little help to continue their good work.


Help us help you… and your hard working coworkers. Get involved with WARN by becoming a Board Member!  We are currently looking for nominations for President Elect, Secretary Treasurer, and Education Co Chair.  Sound interesting?  Throw your hat in.

1/2 Day and Full Day Attendance Awards;

At the end of each educational conference the names of all the attendees are placed in a container and someone from the audience picks one out. The person whose name has been chosen will have their next year’s ARN/WARN dues paid for by us. The recipient may or may not be a current member of WARN.

Congratulations to these people whose names were drawn to receive a free 1 year of membership!  Contact us once you have joined or renewed so we can reimburse you.  Here is the link to join or renew.

  • Roberta G. – HSHS Sacred Heart, Eau Claire
  • Pam P. – Bellin Hospital, Green Bay

Host Gift;

The contact person for the Host Site of each 1/2 Day of Education will have the registration fee for the annual Full Day of Education paid for by us as a gift of appreciation for allowing us to visit their site and hear their speakers. The host may or may not be a member of WARN.

ARN Conference Scholarship;

If you are interested in attending the annual National ARN Conference you may apply for a scholarship worth $500 to cover the cost of an Early Bird Registration. A request form can be printed off this site, filled out, and delivered to The Board for review. If you are awarded the scholarship we will reimburse you once we receive proof of registration. This scholarship is for members only.