President's Letter



Dear Members,

Our Full Day Conference was fun and insightful. We had some great  speakers  touching on subjects as varied as in-depth brain anatomy and  physiology, what in-home therapy is like, a survivor’s story with a  military twist, and a tutorial on how to gain insight into your  patients’ experience to get more buy-in from them during care.

We also had some wonderful silent auction baskets. Bidding got pretty  intense at the end! We’d like to thank everyone who donated items for  the baskets and helped prepare them for the day. We always appreciate  more volunteers.

Finally, we did vote and were able to fill the roles of President  Elect and Secretary-Treasurer.  I am so pleased to introduce you to the  two newest members of our board! Both of them are already so excited to  help move WARN forward into the future.

Michael Braden is our new President Elect. This means he will assist  Vickie Stelzig in her role as President and learn the ropes with the  guidance of Gladys Hansen, our outgoing president. When the time comes  he will step into the role as President. Michael is the manager on the  UW Health Rehab Unit. He’s been an RN for 5 years and had a stint on  Froedert’s SCI unit prior to his move to Madison. While still a student  Michael was the president of the Wisconsin Student Nurse’s Association,  so this should be a breeze for him.  His goals for his role in WARN are  to assist with increasing membership and introduce more tech to our  programs.  Welcome, Michael!

Sarah Hopkins is an RN with her Masters and is currently a Clinical  Nurse Leader at the VA, working with the SCI group. She has been  involved in research at UW Milwaukee, Marquette, and the Medical College  of Wisconsin. She was also a supervisor on the rehab at the Jewish  Home. Sarah wasn’t sure if she could nominate herself for any of the  WARN open seats as she was not a member when she walked into the Full  Day Conference. But, look at her now!  She is now our new  Secretary-Treasurer and we are so happy to have her.

Be sure to come to our next 1/2 Day so you can meet the new kids on  the block! Keep an eye on the Facebook site and here under the Events  tab to stay up to date.  See you next time!

From the board



Dear Members,

Our Full Day of Education has come and gone. The current board members have not changed as we received no new nominations. Hopefully next year at this time there will be others ready to pick up the baton so this chapter can continue providing excellent opportunitites for engagement, education, and networking.

We did receive nominations for all 3 awards. Congratulations to Kerri J. for her Rising Star Award, Amy B. for her second Excellence in Nursing Award, and The Ability Center for the Community Award. The ladies both received a year's membership to ARN/WARN. The Ability Center was awarded money to continue their good work. 

We have a full year to concern ourselves with new nominations- but ANY time you see a peer who is going above and beyond, why not nominate them for one of our awards?  Everyone loves being recognized and we need to support each other in our striving towards excellence.

Think about it!  We are doing great things daily with little recognition. Doesn't it feel good when we finally get a pat on the back? Help each other out; attend the educational opportunities, bring a friend, get involved! It's good for your soul. I promise.


Nickie G. BSN, RN, CRRN

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